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Architects smartphone concept – DANIUS

I decided to replace my old phone, but like every year, I can not find one I like or it fits me well. I do not want to choose one of those pieces of soap-like smart phones. Also I do not like iPhone because it is widely spread due to the fact that society is losing his mind about it.
It was difficult to explain to vendors and friends what is my dream phone, so I decided to illustrate it. Therefore, I created the concept for the smartphone for an architect (and maybe for designer too). Why is this phone for an architect? Because we see things differently. For example – less means more to us, and blue color has 1001 shade.
Architects smartphone:

  • 115 x 56 mm and 8 mm thick;
  • it is made of brushed metal and rubberized plastic to avoid slipping from the hands and from wark table;
  • less its shiny, the better we will feel with it;
  • we are not afraid of angles, we make living of corners; we are not planing to smuggle phone into the jail, so do not do it like soap …
  • this phone edges easily cut, but still glad to have something tangible in your hand, a clear and characteristic;
  • we need a minimum of buttons and badges, we are able to remember the number of lines which must be used where, how or what the symbol means, so we will remember couple more combinations;
  • phone should have no clear top or bottom, upd and dawn – it’s not a kettle;
  • front camera has to be in top center, because this way it is normal;
  • taking pictures is more comfortable when you are pressing the edge of the screen, not the edge of the phone; it is comfortable to hold your phone firmly grasping with hands and fingers, and then clicking on the screen with your thumb to take a pic;
  • the main camera and flash must also be in the center;
  • headphone connection must be at the bottom of the phone; whereas, you always place the phone upside down in your pocket; while holding the phone in front of you, it is more comfortable when headphone cable goes down, not up;
  • battery charging and communications must use the same cable and module – let’s be responsible to the environment;
  • we can not calmly look at the wrong colors or suspicious forms, so the phones OS has to be austere, we are pleased when everything is clear and simple; typography makes us happy top;
  • you can use your sharpy to takes notes and sketch on th eback of the phone.

PS.: If you dont agree with concept i have created, please feal free to send me yours and i will post it here too.” – DANIUS

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