Bamboo Design

Sólo – Traffic light – Matheus de Luca Moreira Pinto.

The Sólo Project allows multiple urban signaling functions. Its essence is the modularity. As a semaphore it is composed of three modules, but it’s fit makes it possible for it to be used individually ensuring many secondary uses ranging from emergency luminaries to assist in road accidents, construction works and detours.
It is important to note that the uses registered here are only some of the possibilities, but the versatility of the product is huge, allowing the user to employ it according to his needs. This product will be useful for transit operators, police, industries, companies and the society in general.

The intention was to bring the concept of technology and versatility to a product that is generally perceived as a simplistic artifact. The project sought to reduce displacement and to propose the best accommodation of internal parts, generating the decrease of material and, consequently, the decrease of production costs.
The structure was designed to resist any kind of bad weather through the use of the two rubber sealing and fastening system, simple and reliable. Regardless of which model is structured, the person who is performing the maintenance only needs to remove the posterior part, which is assembled by a snap fit system. When that part is removed, all of the area necessary for the withdrawal and maintenance of the LED board is accessible, as well as fittings and wire passages, making it unnecessary to remove any other parts. Predicting a system that is self-sufficient, still within the module, was planned a space for placement of batteries and other elements. The choice of LED system reduces maintenance costs and energy consumption, and also brings improvements in light reflection and as a board, in internal space. The LED has been widely used to reduce impacts caused by dropping incandescent light in the environment.

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